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Janet Noguera, an exciting young Mexican-American Modern fingerstyle guitarist and composer. Playing with an energetic approach that incorporates a wide variety of styles, concepts, and techniques, Janet Noguera creates an innovative, imaginative, and unexpected soundscape with the acoustic guitar.


Janet began playing guitar at the age of 13.

At the age of 19, she was featured in the Acoustic Guitar Magazine, May 2014 issue, as one of the "30 Great Acoustic Guitarists under the age of 30." In the same year, she won the international Lowden Young Guitarist of the Year competition for performers and composers under 25, organized by the Irish guitar company of guitars, Lowden. As the winner, she traveled to Lowden's Northern Ireland workshop to pick out a guitar (choosing a Richard Thompson signature model) and to perform alongside Lowden signature artists, Jon Gomm and Thomas Leeb, at the Lowden 40th Anniversary Concert.


Noguera studied classical guitar performance with Bill Coulter at the University of California, Santa Cruz. There, she also received masterclasses with classical guitarists, Andrew York, Benjamin Verderi, and Grisha Goryachev. During that time, Janet also studied with acclaimed fingerstyle players such as Alex de Grassi and Thomas Leeb at their summer workshops. In 2015, she was a recipient of the Plantronics Creativity & Innovation Scholars Award 2015 (presented annually by the UCSC Arts Division,) and in 2017, she was awarded both the UCSC Chancellor’s Award and the Dean’s Award for her Senior Recital and composition project for the UCSC Guitar Ensemble, "Endless Journey." (Now recorded for 4 guitars and bass in Janet's new album, "Myriad Worlds," 2022.)


Later in 2017, she won the international Fretmonkey Guitar Solo Contest, an online contest organized by Fretmonkey Records, a record label of Progressive Fingerstyle guitar based in Arkansas, CA.

She is actively performing and participating in acoustic guitar festivals in USA, Mexico, and Europe, and collaborating with other notable players. She has also collaborated with music companies such as Elite Acoustics, Lowden Guitars, Baton Rouge Guitars, etc. at the NAMM show in Anaheim CA and at the Musikmesse in Germany. 


Janet has opened shows for players like Andy McKee, Andrew York, and Laurance Juber. She has been performing in exciting events such as the Women of Fingerstyle Concert in Anaheim CA, sharing the stage with players like Kaki King, Vicky Genfan, Muriel Anderson, Christie Lenee, and others. And most recently toured with International Guitar Night 2022 with players like Luca Stricagnoli, Thu Le, and Lulo Reinhardt.


Today, Janet is looking forward to releasing new music from her forthcoming Debut full-length album, Myriad Worlds, playing more shows, and doing more collaborations with other musicians in the U.S and across the globe. 

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"Our friends at Peghead Nation brought the very talented fingerstylist Janet Noguera to our attention, and boy, were we impressed!"

-The Women’s International Music Network 


"Very musical and flowing. Thank you Janet and keep up the beautiful spirit!"

- Pierre Bensusan.


"Sometimes you see someone play the guitar and you know, you just know they aren’t merely a guitarist...You are not a guitarist, Janet. You are an artist, a true musician. Much love to you and bravo!"

-Andy McKee

"Janet Noguera, 19 Hidalgo, Mexico. A student at the University of California at Santa Cruz, Noguera’s percussive fingerstlye approach has caught the ears of such esteemed players as Kaki King and Andy McKee, with whom she recently played several sold-out shows."

- Acoustic Guitar Magazine, 2014 issue.


"This rules so hard. Awesome technique and composition. Go Janet."

- Kaki King

"Janet definitely knows how to lay down a solid groove!"

- Thomas Leeb


"She's great. She was one of only a few slappy-tappy guitarists who made the shortlist, but after much wrangling between me and Thomas Leeb and George Lowden, she ended up in 1st place."

- Jon Gomm


"Great to see your music getting out there. Well played, hope to see you live someday!"

- Mike Dawes


"Congratulations Janet! Great to hear you and meet you. Wonderful playing and wonderful song!!"

- Vicki Genfan

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