Janet Noguera

Playing with an energetic style that incorporates a unique range of rhythmic and fingering techniques, Noguera creates an innovative imaginative, and unexpected soundscape with the acoustic guitar. To learn about Janet Noguera and hear some of her music, please read on and explore.


"Janet Noguera, 19 Hidalgo, Mexico. A student at the University of California at Santa Cruz, Noguera’s percussive fingerstlye approach has caught the ears of such esteemed players as Kaki King and Andy McKee, with whom she recently played several sold-out shows."

- Acoustic Guitar Magazine, 2014 issue.

"Our friends at Peghead Nation brought the very talented fingerstylist Janet Noguera to our attention, and boy, were we impressed!"

-The Women’s International Music Network 

"Very musical and flowing. Thank you Janet and keep up the beautiful spirit!"

- Pierre Bensusan.

"Sometimes you see someone play the guitar and you know, you just know they aren’t merely a guitarist...You are not a guitarist, Janet. You are an artist, a true musician. Much love to you and bravo!"

-Andy McKee

"Janet definitely knows how to lay down a solid groove!"

- Thomas Leeb

"This rules so hard. Awesome technique and composition. Go Janet."

- Kaki King

"She's great. She was one of only a few slappy-tappy guitarists who made the shortlist, but after much wrangling between me and Thomas Leeb and George Lowden, she ended up in 1st place."

- Jon Gomm

"Great to see your music getting out there. Well played, hope to see you live someday!"

- Mike Dawes

"Congratulations Janet! Great to hear you and meet you. Wonderful playing and wonderful song!!"

- Vicki Genfan



Are you looking for a professional Guitarist for your event, recording session, or ensemble? Get in touch to learn more about Janet's musical styles, repertoire, rates and available dates.

San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley CA, USA

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